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CranioCatch is a tech startup that develops artificial intelligence solutions in dentistry. When it was seen that the results of the academic studies carried out by our team in 2019 have the potential to be used successfully in the clinical practice of dentistry, Prof. Dr. Kaan Orhan, Assoc. Dr. İbrahim Şevki Bayrakdar, Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Faruk Aslan, Assoc. Dr. Elif Bilgir, Assoc. Dr. Alper Odabaş and Dr. Instructor Our initiative called CranioCatch was founded by its member Mehmet Uğurlu. Nevisoft Informatics Ltd. Sti. Our initiative, which started its activities under the roof of the company, received an investment of 1.260.000 TL in 12 hours in the investment tour it launched through the fundfinder crowdfunding system. After the funding, CranioCatch Bilişim Teknolojileri Medikal Dental Industry and Trade Inc. It was established in 2022 as a spin-off company in Eskişehir Osmangazi Technopark and continues its activities.
Our Vision
Our top priorities are to be among the leading initiatives in the Turkish and international technology sector by ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and employees, and to be one of the health initiatives that are referenced in oral and dental treatments by adopting the principle of working at the best level with their team and infrastructure. With the support of artificial intelligence, we are moving forward to produce innovative solutions with high added value and to compete with foreign market players.
Our Mission
To provide solutions for differentiating requests and needs with artificial intelligence supported solutions and original products. To set an example in customer satisfaction by providing high performance and quality service. To produce projects according to the needs of clinics with the identity of a solution partner in line with the new and inevitable realities brought by the information age. To perform our services in accordance with national and international legal regulations and standards. To bring quality, accurate and fast treatment services to patients who want to receive services in our country and internationally in oral and dental health services.
Our Team
İbrahim Şevki Bayrakdar
Associate Professor
Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist Co-founder & CEO
Ahmet Faruk Aslan
Associate Professor
Mathematics-Computer Sciences Co-founder
Elif Bilgir
Associate Professor
Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Co-founder
Alper Odabaş
Associate Professor
Mathematics-Computer Sciences Advisor
Mehmet Uğurlu
Assistant Professor
Orthodontics Co-founder