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We accepted the "NVIDIA INCEPTİON"

We accepted the "NVIDIA INCEPTİON"

As the CranioCatch family, we would like to announce with great pleasure that our work in artificial intelligence, health technologies and dentistry has been accepted by the NVIDIA Inception program. We have achieved this great success because we are focused on developing innovative and beneficial technologies in the healthcare industry.

NVIDIA Inception program contributes to the development of future technologies by supporting startups and start-ups working in the field of artificial intelligence. Thanks to this program, as CranioCatch, we will have the opportunity to go further in the fields of artificial intelligence-supported health technologies and dentistry by following technological developments.

We look forward to going further with the opportunities that NVIDIA Inception program will provide us on this path we set out to explore the possibilities offered by technology in the healthcare industry and put them into service. Through this program, we will continue our efforts to integrate artificial intelligence technologies into the field of dentistry, thereby making dental services more effective, faster and more cost-effective.

We would like to thank everyone who shared and supported this success with us. We will continue our developments in the fields of artificial intelligence, health technologies and dentistry.

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