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Öncü Dental Visit to CranioCatch!

Öncü Dental Visit to CranioCatch!
DİŞŞİAD - Dental Materials' Industrialist, Businessmen Association's Chairman of the Board, and Öncü Dental CEO Mr. Erkan Uçar, director of Dental R&D Unit and Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Dentistry Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Taha Özyürek, Head of Dental Sales and Operations Unit Mr. Selim Baran SAKAR, and Business Development Unit Leader Miassar ikhwan (Muhammet ihvan) paid a visit to our company.

We would like to thank the Öncü Dental A.Ş team, especially Mr. Erkan Uçar, for this visit where we had the opportunity to have invaluable consultations and their support.
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