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CranioCatch in the National Press!

CranioCatch in the National Press!
Lokman Hekim University Faculty of Dentistry has made a groundbreaking achievement in Turkey with its artificial intelligence project in education. Through an AI-supported program that provides significant convenience for assessment and evaluation, specific error margins are determined, and students are subjected to exams.

With the CranioCatch program, capable of detecting anatomical formations in the jaw and facial region as well as all lesions, 3rd and 4th-year students at the Faculty of Dentistry have been introduced to artificial intelligence in personalized education. The AI-supported program, implemented at Lokman Hekim University under the supervision of Dr. Asst. Prof. Sinem COŞKUN, consists of both a clinical and educational module. Dental faculty students utilize the educational module in their theoretical courses, while they examine patient radiographs using the clinical module during hospital internships.

The AI-supported program, CranioCatch, which is domestically developed and of Turkish origin, has garnered interest from various institutions and organizations worldwide, in addition to our university. The educational module used and developed under the leadership of Lokman Hekim University Faculty of Dentistry serves as an example for many universities and faculties in Turkey.
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