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CranioCatch takes its place at TechUp, meets you with Demo Day!

CranioCatch takes its place at TechUp, meets you with Demo Day!

Revolutionary information in the dentistry industry with CranioCatch artificial intelligence technology. Steering the industry with innovative solutions, CranioCatch has attracted the attention of focal points with its innovative perspectives upon acceptance to the TechUP+ Technology Focused Accelerator Program organized by ARINKOM Technology Transfer Office.

CranioCatch's artificial intelligence-supported dentistry solutions make patient treatment dental procedures faster, safer and more comfortable. It increases the quality standard in dentistry applications by minimizing the error rates experienced in those used in traditional use.

The digital measurement system, which is among the solutions of CranioCatch, allows you to precisely measure the mouth and tooth structure of the patients. In addition, the data obtained thanks to artificial intelligence thoughts can have the characteristics of dentists' treatment methods of their patients more accurately and effectively.

CranioCatch is starting a new era in the dentistry industry with artificial intelligence technology. CranioCatch, which will meet with people to see at the Demo Day, aims to make a difference for themselves with innovative solutions. Aiming to increase the life assurance of patients by using new technologies, CranioCatch aims to become a leader in the dentistry sector.

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