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Collaboration between CranioCatch and Dr. Dentes...

Collaboration between CranioCatch and Dr. Dentes...

Dr. Dentists using Dentes Dental Clinic Management Software will be able to get support from the power of artificial intelligence in diagnosis and treatment by taking advantage of CranioCatch's artificial intelligence-supported clinical decision support system software.

With CranioCatch Artificial intelligence supported dentistry solutions, Dr. Collaborating with Dentes, it uses solutions for diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases. Thanks to this collaboration, Dr. Dentes will be able to provide a better service for dentists by using Craniocatch's digital solutions. Kraniokatch solutions enable dentists to digitally optimize their workflow and easily create treatment plans.

The CranioCatch and Dr.Dentes collaboration presents a great opportunity for dentists. CranioCatch, which produces digital solutions for dentists at a time when digital processes are accelerating, will help dentists to provide better service to their patients.

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