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CranioCatch is in the semi-finals of ITU Çekirdek Big-Bang Startup Challenge Adventure…

CranioCatch is in the semi-finals of ITU Çekirdek Big-Bang Startup Challenge Adventure…

CranioCatch, which is among the fields accepted by İTÜ Çekirdek in 2021, is once again memorable! Shown as one of the top five university incubation centers in the world, ITU Çekirdek's most successful views this year will take place in the Big Bang Start-up Challenge, which will take place on December 2. And in this exciting event, CranioCatch will also take part!

At the Big Bang event to be held online, CranioCatch will take its place in the foyer with its stand and will qualify for the semi-finals. The Big Bang Start-up Challenge, which has a worldwide loved and respected place in the field of entrepreneurship, can bring together successful people like CranioCatch and make it possible to shape their future.

CranioCatch stands out with its innovative dental work in the field of artificial intelligence assisted dentistry. Thanks to its image processing technology, it offers a breakthrough product in the field of dental health by facilitating the tissues between dentists and patients. For this reason, CranioCatch's participation in the Big Bang Start-up Challenge is of great importance both for the future of the enterprise and for Turkey's innovation potential.

As the CranioCatch team, the company continues to add success to our achievements and continues to announce health science in artificial intelligence to the whole world.

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