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CranioCatch goes on an investment tour with the fund finder...

CranioCatch goes on an investment tour with the fund finder...

CranioCatch, the first Crowd Funding System in Turkey that adds a new dimension to the entrepreneurship ecosystem, is embarking on a new investment round with Fonbulucu. It offers everyone interested in investing the opportunity to invest according to their own budget. With this opportunity, you can invest in CranioCatch and become a shareholder.

CranioCatch is making a name for itself in the healthcare sector with its innovative structure and innovative projects. This venture enables dentists to diagnose their patients more accurately using artificial intelligence technology. CranioCatch, which has the potential to fill a significant gap in the healthcare sector, has proven itself by being accepted into Turkey's leading entrepreneurship programs and participating in many successful events.

The new investment round initiated by CranioCatch with Fonbulucu offers investors a unique opportunity. Those who wish to invest can do so according to their own budget and become partners in CranioCatch. This opportunity allows investors to benefit from the future growth potential by investing in the healthcare sector.

The investment campaign will start on Monday, December 13, 2021, at 10:00 AM and welcomes all investors. Don't miss this opportunity and take your place in CranioCatch's successful journey. This venture, which holds great potential for your investments, will continue to be a source of pride for Turkey.

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