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CranioCatch SeedUP demo day...

CranioCatch SeedUP demo day...

CranioCatch attracted a lot of attention on the BEBKA SeedUP innovative entrepreneurial debut demo day! CranioCatch, which brought a new breath to the sector with its artificial intelligence supported dentistry software, showed itself with all its excitement on the demo day. On the demo day, experts, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts competed to come together and adopt the most important start-ups of the future.

CranioCatch took a storm with AI-supported health software in the demo! Thanks to the software he developed, dentists can now automatically detect dentigerous cysts in their patients' panoramic radiography images. In this way, faster and more accurate recognition becomes possible. In addition, the results obtained thanks to the support of artificial intelligence become even more reliable.

It attracted attention with its technological solutions that followed, consumed and developed CranioCatch on the demo day. In the demo day of BEBKA SeedUP innovative entrepreneurship program, the presence of an observer like CranioCatch is considered as a very important step in terms of technology monitoring in Turkey.

CranioCatch has secured its place among the bright future spenders in the industry, while reaping the great benefits from the successful performance of the demo. While it is aimed for patients to receive a healthier dental service with artificial intelligence-supported dentistry care, it seems that stopping the initiative and successful performance will guide the sector.

CranioCatch's successful performance on the BEBKA SeedUP innovative entrepreneurship program demo day once again proved that it has the potential to compete with other big players that shape the entrepreneurship industry. CranioCatch, which wants to make a difference in training with artificial intelligence supported dentistry software, draws attention as a rapidly rising technology initiative.

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