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Continuing big steps with ITU Çekirdek...

Continuing big steps with ITU Çekirdek...

CranioCatch took place in İTÜ Çekirdek home center and emerged as a software containing artificial intelligence supported dentistry solutions. This software will make life easier for dentists and make treatment services faster and more accurate.

CranioCatch software will create a book on dentistry. Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, the problems in the teeth of the patients will be detected and treated. This will both ensure the condition of their patients and facilitate the procedures of dentists. The software will also determine the properties of the materials used by the dentists in the treatment process of their teeth, thus increasing the success of the treatments.

CranioCatch is not just software, it's a hope for the future. While offering excellent convenience for dentists, it will also reduce patients' concerns about dental health. That's why we're celebrating CranioCatch where it qualifies. İTÜ Çekirdek incubation center will host him and will host the most suitable environments for him.

CranioCatch software will be a breakthrough in dentistry. Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, dental health will be detected and treated earlier and more accurately. This, in turn, will reduce people's concerns about dental health and make the work of dentists easier. We are all excited about the achievement of CranioCatch software and the resulting dental diagnosis and diagnostic methods will be resolved with CranioCatch.

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